DIY Giant Angry Birds Slingshot

How To Build a Giant Slingshot

Before I begin, I would like to clarify that these are instructions for making a permanent slingshot. Make sure you really want to commit before moving forward with this project. You cannot modify these instructions safely to make a temporary slingshot. But come on, who doesn’t want a giant slingshot in their backyard? You can play life-size Angry Birds games forever! You can see a video of ours HERE.

Frame Supplies:

(1) 5′ section of 1″ galvanized steel pipe threaded on at least one end
(2) 1′ sections of galvanized steel pipe, threaded on both ends
(2) 2′ sections of galvanized steel pipe, threaded on both ends
(1) 1″ galvanized steel pipe T
(2) 1″ galvanized steel pipe 90 degree elbows
(2) 1″ galvanized stell pipe threaded end caps
(1) 40-50 lb. pag of quick drying cement (ideally fence post mix)

Frame Instructions:

1. Dig 6″ diameter hole (ideally with a post hole digger) roughly 2′ to 2.5′ deep.
2. Insert 5′ pipe, leaving 2.5′ – 3′ above ground. (It really depends on the height of your bird launchers.)¬†Make sure that the threaded end is ON TOP if your pipe is only threaded on one end.
3. Cement in the pipe per the instructions on the quick drying cement. (Let this dry for a couple hours.)
4. Screw T connector on top of the pipe sticking out of the ground.
5. Screw two 1′ sections of pipe into the open ends of the T connector so that they are perpendicular to the 5′ pipe.
6. Screw the two 90 degree elbows into the ends of the 1′ pipe sections, leaving the openings facing up.
7. Screw the two 2′ sections of pipe into the elbow openings so that they are parallel to the original 5′ post.
8. Screw the two end caps on to the two 2′ sections of pipe.

* Girly addition to the instructions: Spray paint the slingshot brown so that a) it will look like wood, and b) the giant freaking slingshot in your backyard will blend into the scenery a bit more.

Now on to phase two of the slingshot instructions, creating the pocket (the red part where the ball goes).

Pocket Supplies:
(1) Cheap camping chair
25 feet of surgical tubing
(1) 1/2″ Grommeting kit
(1) Lighter
Black electrical tape or duct tape
Screwdriver and a good pair of scissors


Pocket Instructions:

1. Use the screwdriver to disassemble the camping chair and remove the canvas.
2. Cut the back off of the canvas seat so that you are left with the seat with grommets in all four corners.
3. Cut the handle off of the carrying bag included with the camping chair.
4. Use the grommeting kit to install two 1/2″ grommets roughly 4″ from center on the seat of the chair.
5. Insert the ends of the rope handle removed from the carrying bag through the two grommets. Tie knots to keep them from coming back out. This will create a launching handle.
6. Cut four roughly 4′ sections of surgical tubing. Fold each piece of tubing in half and attach them to all four corners of the frame as shown in the picture at the top of this post. Secure the tubing to the frame with electrical or duct tape to keep it from slipping.

7. Insert the other end of each piece of surgical tubing through the high strength grommets that came in the four corners of the camping chair. Tie them in knots to keep them from slipping out.

You are now ready to launch away! If you do end up making a giant slingshot, I would love to see a picture.

One item to note: We tried using yoga bands instead of surgical tubing and while they are easier for children to pull, they didn’t provide nearly enough launching power to knock down the cardboard boxes.

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