Angry Birds (and Pigs) Ball Tutorial

Angry Birds (and Pigs) Ball Tutorial

The Angry Birds (and pig) balls were the hit of the party. I am so pleased with how they turned out. I had originally intended to make birds in every color, but I found red and green balls at the grocery store for $1.00 which was much better than the $15 price tag of the balls I found at Target and online in white, black, yellow and blue. I found the larger red and green balls at Target for $2.50.

You will need the following supplies:
Dry eraser marker, acryllic paint, primer, paint brushes, black paint pens and sealant (not shown).

Step One: Draw on the face with a dry eraser marker. You can wipe off the marker if you make a mistake, but only if you do it immediately. I tried to correct one face after letting it dry for about five minutes and not even a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser could remove it. I used these free printable Angry Birds balloon faces from The Party Animal as a guide.

Step Two: Fill in the outline with two coats of primer. I put on three coats in the eye area so that none of the ball color would show through.

Step Three: 
Paint on the face. I found it helpful to use multiple brushes so that I could start on a second color while the other brush was drying.

Step Four:
Once the paint is dry, outline the face and add details with the black paint marker.

Step Five:
Paint a thick coat of sealant on your finished face. This will help protect the paint when you launch the ball. I used Triple Thick Glaze by DecoArt.

Now repeat about a dozen times. When you are finished you will have….

Something to note: We found that the smaller balls were not heavy enough to knock down the cardboard structures unless they were 8-10 feet away from the slingshot. We tried a heavier kick ball and it worked great but it would really hurt if you got hit with it.

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