Angry Birds is sweeping the world. It is one of the most fun and addictive games ever created. I remember the first time I saw/heard my husband playing Angry Birds on his phone. My first thought was, “What on earth is that bizarre noise?” Kelly explained the game to me and I was convinced he had lost his mind and was wasting hours of his life.

Then I played the game.

I was just going to play ONE level. Fast forward fifteen minutes to me buying Angry Birds for MY phone because Kelly wouldn’t share with me anymore. RUDE! Before I knew it, it was 2am, my eyes were bloodshot from staring at the screen, and my cell phone was almost dead. LOL!

It’s not just Kelly and I that like to play Angry Birds. Both of our girls love the game. Heck, when we are stuck on a level we usually hand our phones over to Zoë so she can beat it for us. (I still refuse to buy the Mighty Eagle. That is totally cheating in my book.) Our new favorite is Angry Birds Rio. We love the monkeys. 🙂

Last winter I stumbled across a YouTube video of a playable Angry Birds cake. As soon as Zoë saw the cake she started asking for an Angry Birds themed birthday party. Done and done! As we watched the video (over and over) the wheels in my mind started turning. I was determined to make it her best birthday yet and I think I succeeded.

There was so much planning and preparation that went into this party. Instead of writing up one loooooooong post, today I am going to focus on the dessert table.


Nothing says birthday party like a table full of sugar. Zoë and I made a playable Angry Birds cake (more on that another day) but I wanted to have cupcakes on hand in case the cake got completely destroyed. Surprisingly (at least to me) almost everyone wanted mangled cake so we had over a dozen cupcakes left over!

Just in case the cake and four dozen cupcakes weren’t enough, I ordered giant Angry Birds cookies. We handed them out as party favors at the end of the party. I am not a fan of goodie bags filled with candy or teeny tiny toys that immediately get lost. I’ll take a big ol’ cookie instead over a bag of candy any day. The children agreed.

Stay tuned for more party details and tutorials on how to create your own Life Size Angry Birds game. Speaking of which, have you seen the video of our game in action yet? Take a peek!

Coming Soon! Angry Birds and Pig Playground Balls Tutorial


How to Build a Giant Slingshot


More Party Games


And of course, how to make a playable cake.


Party Credits:
Angry Birds Party Printables by Simply Styled Home
Photography by Jen Martin Studios
Cupcake Toppers by Two Sugar Babies
Sugar Cookies by The Cookie Jar

21 replies
  1. C Gonz
    C Gonz says:

    Did you just use differen size cardboard boxes for the blocks?? Please post soon – planning birthday party in 3 weeks!! Love this idea!!

  2. Brandi
    Brandi says:

    love that you posted this, I am throwim my son a surprise angry bird party in December. I want to make the banner, where did you find the font?

  3. Sara
    Sara says:

    I love your party ideas! I plan on copying several of them for my 5 year old party. But I am having difficulty finding the playground balls! Any advice?

  4. Misty
    Misty says:

    I love this! I am in the middle of planning a party like this for my 7 year old. Where did you get the cupcake toppers from?

  5. Angela
    Angela says:

    Love the ideas! But, is it just me? I didn’t see the tutorial for making the angry birds game. Would love to do this for my sons. Thank you.



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