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A party is not a party without a pinata. Or in our case a pig-nata. Get it? Hehehehe. Not surprisingly, you can’t find Angry Birds pinatas at the party supply store, so I figured I would try my hand at making one.

How To Make and Angry Birds Pinata

I used this great tutorial to make the pinata. Click on over for the step by step instructions. Basically, you dip paper strips in a flour/water mixture. Place on balloon. Let it dry overnight and repeat.

I will say this. Four layers of paper mache made a very *cough* robust *cough* pinata. I may have heard comments like “Is this thing made out of cement?” while children were trying to set the candy free. Three layers is plenty.

Here is a handy little tip for you. If you hang your pinata in the garage to dry and it gets cold at night, the balloon will expand and ruin your lovely round shaped paper mache. Try to keep it in a place where the temperature won’t fluctuate too much.

After I had my round-ish pinanta, I got to work on the paint. I put on two coats of green paint then duplicated the same steps I used to make faces on the playground balls. I didn’t bother sealing the face with glaze since it was going to be smashed with a baseball bat. Ta-Da!

Game #2 – Pig Bowling

I thought the kids might needs something else to do while they waited for their turn at the giant slingshot, so I came up with pig bowling. I used one of the pig balls as the bowling ball to knock down the colorful pins made from 2 liter bottles. They were super easy to make. You can find the tutorial here.

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  1. ilovecrafts
    ilovecrafts says:

    I want to make an angry bird pinata too. I once made a dragon using multiple layers of newspaper and diluted white glue and the thing was impossible to kill! I ended up getting a cleaver from the kitchen!



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