This is the post for those of you on the PTSA and/or Hospitality Committee for your child’s school. This is where you will find step-by-step instructions to duplicate my event at your school. Ready? Let’s go!

Everything you need to plan the ultimate Dr. Seuss inspired Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. Click through for step-by-step instructions and printables.

The main “slogan” if you will, was “Hats Off To Our Teachers!” A few weeks before the event, I asked my photographer friend and fellow parent to take Dr. Seuss Photo Booth style pictures of all the teachers and staff. It was a huge hit at the baby shower I planned a few years ago and I still had all the props. Score!

The Friday before Staff Appreciation Week, the 8×10 pictures were put on all the teachers’ doors and staff photos were put up in the staff lounge. (The hats were put on the doors by room parents on Monday. This is Zoë’s teacher and their classroom door.)

Next up, invitations. Each of the teachers and staff received this invitation in their mailbox which detailed the events of the upcoming Staff Appreciation Week. Included with their invitations were:

  • An invitation to the Pink Yink Ink Breakfast with a Drink Order Request
  • Lunch Preferences Questionnaire

I asked that order forms and questionnaires be returned to me via the PTSA box no later than the Thursday before Staff Appreciation Week. (More on the drink order and lunch preferences in a moment.) The invitation is not actually neon. I’m not sure what’s going on there. I had them printed as photo cards at Costco. You can’t beat $14.99 for 50 flat cards with envelopes!

One week before, I sent home a “Hats Off To My Teacher!” coloring sheet with each of the students and asked them to please color the hat, write a note to their teacher, and return it to school on Monday. If you are planning a similar event and have access to the school district’s printer definitely use them. They are ridiculously inexpensive. I did have to sort the proper number of hats per classroom, but that was no big deal. Your school secretary will have a current student count for each class. Don’t use the school directory. Students come and go through out the year, and the numbers most likely will not be accurate.

Dr. Seuss inspired “Hats Off” coloring sheet for Teacher Appreciation Week. Coordinating printables are available for the entire week long celebration!

For students that wished to color hats for additional teachers and staff, extra hats were available in the office all week long. I created a poster that was hung in the main stairwell letting students know where they could find extra hats. (To give you some idea of scale, the Cat in the Hat was 6 feet tall. The poster looks small in the picture, but it is almost 3 feet wide!)

Now that the groundwork was laid, I focused on the activities for the week, each one being Seuss themed, of course. I used SignUp Genius to coordinate sign ups with the Hospitality Committee and Room Parents for these activities. I made everything look pretty, but I couldn’t have pulled off an event like this without the wonderfully supportive parents at our school.

Now that you are finished with your Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week prep, it is time to move on to the weekly events. Here are step-by-step instructions to coordinate the five Who-tastic events for your school!

Hop-On-Popcorn Bar Instructions

Pink Yink Ink Drink Breakfast Instructions

Biffer Baum Boxed Lunch Instructions

Who Feast Lunch Instructions

Who Treats Dessert Bar Instructions

All of the Dr. Seuss printables I created for the event (and then some) are available for purchase here.

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