Our family tree is the focal point of the girls’ playroom. Originally I painted it purely for decoration but it has become so much more than that. Take a closer look…

We have pictures of all the girls’ aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great-grandparents (and us, of course.) One of Eden’s favorite things to do is point to family members and have me tell her their names. She can already say, “Nana, Tay-Tay (Tera), Sy-Sy (Sylas), Nano, Papa, Me (Grammie) and Ry-Ry (Ryan). She also says family (“Famee!”) when she points to the tree. <3 <3 <3

The trunk of the tree is also the girls’ growth chart. This is actually a version 2.0 tree. I painted a tree for Zoë years ago in our townhouse. Before we moved I made sure to copy down all the measurements and dates so that I could transfer them to this new tree. Just the other day I made a new mark for Eden after her 18-month check up. It is astonishing how much she has grown in six months!

This is a simple, fun and inexpensive project that you can do in your home. I painted the tree using acrylic paint found at any craft store. To add a little bit of sparkle I painted on a bit of glitter glue on the wings of the butterflies once the paint was dry.

To create the circles, I opened each person’s photo in Photoshop, used a clipping mask to clip it to this template, then (making sure to hold down shift) re-sized the photo (Edit > Transform > Scale). I then saved the cropped photo as a .PNG file. After I had created all of my circles I opened a new 5×7 Photoshop document, drug all the circles on to the document, and saved it as a .JPG. Then I had them printed at Costco.

Next up, assembly. I used a circle punch to punch out all of my photos. You could cut them all out by hand, but this was much faster. I then glued them to metal rim tags. Finally, I placed them on the tree. Voila!

Updated to Add:
Our family tree was featured on the Design Dazzle blog! Thank you, Toni!

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