For my fifteen minutes of decluttering today I cleaned out the disaster that was my car. My car is like a second closet. At any given time there is at least one spare coat or sweater for each of my children and usually for me. It’s no wonder. Nobody in our family likes wearing coats. I personally am just anti-coat. I would much rather tough out a minute or two of cold walking into the grocery store (or preferably the mall, who am I kidding) instead of carrying it around in the store. Add a road to trip to the coats and you have yourself one giant mess. I will spare you the before and after pictures. It’s not that exciting.

On to more exciting things!

A few people mentioned that while they liked my “Royal Throne” signs, the pastel colors would never fly with the manly men in their homes. I present to you, manly colors! Go forth and download!

Pleaseflush_manly_blogYou can download the 5×7 signs here: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, GREY. As always, there are for personal use only.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Angela
    Angela says:

    If you bought an apple green coat, you would never want to take it off :). Okay, well actually come May you would be annoyed that you still needed to reach for it from time to time, but other than that…



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