Everything you need to know to plan a Staff Appreciation Week that is Out of this World!

This series of posts is for those of you on the PTSA and/or Hospitality Committee at your child’s school. Here you will find step-by-step instructions to duplicate this Space themed Staff Appreciation Week at your school. Ready? Let’s go!

Everything you need to know to plan a Staff Appreciation Week that is Out of this World!


Two months before Staff Appreciation Week: 

Send out an email to the Hospitality Committee, Room Parents, Volunteers, etc. letting them know to “Save the Date” and to expect more information in the coming weeks.

One month before Staff Appreciation Week:

1. Get a complete staff list from the school’s office manager. Be sure to add student teachers, and support staff that are not included on the list. You will use this list to create your SignUp Genius sign ups for the door decorations, Space Capsule lunches, and the invitation count.

2. Send out the SignUp Genius sign ups to the Hospitality Committee and Head Room Parents. It sounds like a long time out, but you will probably have to beg ask repeatedly for volunteers to sign up. It’s best to start early.

3. For the past few years, the Hospitality Committee and Room Parents were the only people who really had any clue what was happening during Staff Appreciation Week. It makes sense. If you don’t go to the staff lounge, why would you know anything was happening? I wanted to increase awareness in our school community and generate some excitement before the big event (and hopefully drum up more volunteers). One month before Staff Appreciation Week I put these posters up all around the school. I absolutely recommend posters beforehand. I have never heard so much Staff Appreciation Week chatter. It was great!

Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week Poster

3. NEW THIS YEAR: Our PTSA created a school website this year and gave the Hospitality Committee a page of its very own! I included information about Staff Appreciation Week plans and SignUp Genius links on the Hospitality webpage (which was listed on the posters and included in the weekly school newsletter).

One week before Staff Appreciation:

1. Deliver the main invitation + Blast Off Breakfast invitation + Rocket Fuel drink order form to the teacher/staff mailboxes. In the past I have passed out the invitation as week and a half in advance, and I have to say, everyone was much more prompt returning their drink labels with less notice.

Space Themed Staff Appreciation Week Invitation

Blast off Breakfast

2. Instead of including a paper lunch preferences questionnaire with the invitations this year, I used Survey Gizmo. I sent an email the day after the invitations were delivered with a Survery Gizmo link. It was FABULOUS. I received an email every time the survey was completed, then simply took a screen shot of the teacher/staff member’s answers and emailed them to the parent who signed up to make the Space Capsule lunch.

3. Ideally you would also have everything printed for Staff Appreciation Week. I don’t recommend waiting until the last minute. I’ve been the person pulling out my hair at midnight the night before an event when my printer refuses to print. At the very least, have the “I Think You Are Out of This World because….” coloring pages printed so you can sort them into class piles.

4. Remind any teachers/staff members who have not returned their drink order forms to do so.

5. Remind any teachers/staff members who have not completed their Space Capsule Lunch survey to do so. Email their lunch preferences to the corresponding parent volunteer.

A few days before Staff Appreciation Week:

1. Deliver the “I Think You Are Out of This World because….” coloring pages to the teacher’s mailboxes with a note to please have the students bring them home on Friday (to be returned on Monday and presented to their teacher).

Space themed coloring sheet for Staff Appreciation Week. Coordinating printables are available for the entire week long celebration!

NEW THIS YEAR: At the bottom of the coloring page instructions I included a link where students could download and print extra copies. The link was also included in our school newsletter which gets delivered via email on Sunday mornings. I didn’t have a single person frantically emailing me on Sunday asking for a copy.

We had extra printed “I Think You Are Out of This World because…” pictures in the office for students to color. Many of them wanted to make pictures for past teachers, the music teacher, librarians, etc. There was a poster in the stairway letting them know where extra pictures were located.

2. On Friday afternoon before Staff Appreciation Week decorate. This year, instead of one giant poster in the school foyer, I printed a half dozen 12×18 posters that were posted on exterior doors around the school to remind everyone about Staff Appreciation Week and letting them know where to find additional coloring pages. I also created “Mission Specialist” signs for the front office staff, and a “Shuttle Commander” sign for the principal.

Quickly and easily decorate your school or office for a space themed Staff Appreciation Week with our instant download poster printables.

This year I recruited volunteers to decorate with me. I didn’t bother last year because I thought I would zip through everything in an hour…tops. Wrong. It took me almost three hours to put posters up. This year it took less than 30 minutes. Many hands make light work.

3. Ask the room parents to send an email out on Sunday reminding their class to return their coloring pages to school the next day.

Now that you are finished with your Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week prep, it is time to move on to the weekly events. Here are step-by-step instructions to coordinate the five Who-tastic events for your school!

Supersonic Snacks

Space Capsule Lunches

Interstellar Lunch

Blast Off Breakfast

Galactic Goodies

Supernova Surprise

All of the Space themed Staff Appreciation printables shown (and more) are available for purchase in our shop here.


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