This series of posts is for those of you on the PTSA and/or Hospitality Committee at your child’s school. Here you will find step-by-step instructions to duplicate the “SOUPer Luncheon” for Superhero Staff Appreciation Week at your school. Ready? Let’s go!

Soup-er Luncheon - Superhero Staff Appreciation Week

March in Seattle is typically grey and rainy, perfect soup weather. I couldn’t resist having a SOUPer luncheon. Despite the fact that it was gorgeous and sunny (the complete opposite of soup weather) the lunch was a success. We had a wonderful variety of soups (6 varieties for 46 staff members was plenty) in addition to fresh fruit, veggies, and a few treats. I especially liked the “I Think You Are SOUPer” stickers which served as napkin rings, and the “Emergency Hydration” drinks. You can’t read the back of the water bottles, but they say, “Super powers will activate within 10 minutes of drinking.”

Soup-er Luncheon - Teacher Appreciation Week

TIP: Bring a power strip with you, and possibly and extension cord too. You will absolutely need the power strip to plug in all the slow cookers to keep the soup toasty warm.

‘Soup’er Lunch Printables and “Emergency Hydration”
water bottle labels can be purchased here.

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